Movement for trained actors

For stage and screen

About the course

This workshop is custom made for trained actors who wish to develop their physical awareness and expression for stage/ screen. We have decided to offer this workshop because we are often met with a wish for a further education in movement / physical acting from actors, performers and directors in our work as choreographers. The movement training will increase your physical awareness and stage presence, giving you more tools and possibilities of expression for stage and screen.

“This weekend I got closer to myself. I acquired tools for how I can find PRESENCE in these situations (ed: auditions). This weekend I let go of needs for control, stress, anxiety and nervousness! I started trusting in my own body and felt an enormous freedom in spite of the circumstances. Movement Acting Voice tailors for you exactly what YOU need as a professionally trained artist.”

Movement for stage/ screen includes solid technique, listening, physical awareness, presence, expression, communication and the ability to tell a story. All of this will be covered in the workshop, where you’ll receive continuous feedback on what’s working for you and what you can develop. We tailor exercises, improvisations and scenes for you, in order for you to get the most out of the workshop.

The days start with a warm up and end with a warm down. The workshop covers exercises in listening, presence, expression, improvisation, Feldenkrais, contemporary dance, wudang practical tai chi, and scene work. The workshop is physical and practical.

We have over 30 years of experience in working with stage, screen and dramatic combat, internationally.

We work from inner knowing when we teach, and let that guide our knowledge and experience.

Who is the course for?

Trained actors, stage or screen.

Place: Stockholm, Sweden

Course Date: 2-4 September 2022

Application deadline: Not set

Price: 3 900 SEK

Maximum number of students

We have a limited number of students that we can accept. Register today to secure your place.

Registration fee

The registration fee is included in the course fee. The registration fee is paid in connection with the course registration.

Bank giro: 5392-8073
IBAN Number: SE48 8000 0842 0291 4200 0059

Covid-19 safe area

People attending the course must present proof that they have been fully vaccinated against covid.

Course location

Smedjan, Söder Mälarstrand 47, 11825 Stockholm

Course managers

Leif Edberg,

André Svensson,

Application and admission requirements

Do I need any prior knowledge?

You must have upper secondary education or equivalent work experience in one or more fields of performing arts such as theater, dance, music or movement.


Your application must contain a brief description of yourself (maximum one A4 page), in which you also motivate why you are applying for this specific course, as well as a summary of your previous training and work.

Notification if accepted

if applying, you will hear from us no later than 1 week after the last application date.

Course certificate

After completing the course, course certificates will be issued.