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Historical Movement Archive

The Historical Movement Archive (HMA) is a new research program and facility. The HMA is dedicated to the research, analysis, and preservation of movement, and to making that knowledge available to researchers, teachers, historians, and movement artists around the world.

Imagine the history of human movement (martial arts, dance, training principles, music in performance, cultural dance, movement traditions, etc.) being analyzed using the highest standards of research, contributing to the advancement of our understanding of biomechanics, kinesthetics, proprioception, and the science of historical and cultural movement. This work will create new fields of research, such as Kinesthetic Anthropology and Kinesthetic Relativity.

The HMA, Studio, Research Program and Library involves the collaboration of many national and international cultural and educational institutions, among others the Folger Shakespeare Library, George Mason University, the Virginia Serious Game Institute and the Center for History and New Media.

For the first time in history, modern technology is offering us the ability to preserve the movement depicted in these books and manuscripts so that it can be preserved, shared, and studied all over the world. It is a ‘Gutenberg moment’ for historical movement and movement research. - Brad Alan Waller

The man behind the HMA is Brad Alan Waller, professor of Research of George Mason University, and internationally recognised scholar and choreographer.

The collaboration between the HMA and MAV includes the sharing of research, the international exchange of teachers and instructors in person or online, co-produced workshops, and in the future lies online 3D workshops, performances, presentations and lectures.

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